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"Öz Antep"

A Touch of Turkey in Your Kitchen

The sun's aroma for the heart

For an unforgettable dining experience

Dried vegetables: the aroma of the Turkish sun

Dried vegetables are an important part of Turkish cuisine. Tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, and courgettes in dried form have always enjoyed great popularity, especially in Antep cuisine. Our drying process is done by hanging on strings in the sun and is therefore a natural and environmentally friendly process.

  • Experience natural and genuine taste with our dried vegetables ripened and refined under the Turkish sun!

  • Sun-dried Vegetables: long-lasting and always at hand for delicious dishes and a healthy and varied nutrition.

Healthy, durable, and always at hand

Through this process, all important nutrients are preserved and the sun-dried vegetables convince with their intense taste and health benefits.

Dried vegetables are suitable as an ingredient for soups, various stews, and meat dishes in clay pots.

Cooking experiments with sun-dried vegetables are characterized by the power of Turkish sun.

100% natural, large assortment

A new dimension in taste for your kitchen

Dried vegetables are an ideal addition to any kitchen. It brings variety to your daily meals, is durable, and is always at hand. Under the brand, you can expect a wide range of dried vegetables, from crunchy eggplant to sun-ripened zucchini and ocra to hot pointed peppers.

A culinary adventure for your sense of taste

Our dried vegetables are carefully selected and gently dried to preserve the taste and nutrients as much as possible. Try it and be surprised by the variety and taste!